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Festival Fuel





The Fringe Festival is traditionally an exciting but hectic period for Edinburgh; dashing from venue to venue amongst busy crowds. You might think it’s difficult to fit ‘healthy’ food into your festival schedule, but it’s easier than you think. To keep you on the right side of gastric happiness, here are some tips which even the most committed festival goer can follow amidst the revelries:

Start Big

A much underrated start to a modern day, the classic hearty breakfast is key for a busy schedule.  For added nutrients to support digestive health add flax seeds, chia seeds and berries to your porridge and smoothies. 
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Be prepared

Up to 85% of your immune system resides in your gut so beyond the festival, balance and maintenance is vital. Avoid dips in blood glucose levels by eating small protein-rich snacks throughout the day. Nuts and seeds are a wonderful idea to have on hand for between the festivities. When blood glucose levels are consistent we are less likely to reach for unhealthy alternatives when we are ravenous.
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Keep Hydrated

During busy times, people genuinely forget to drink water. Sweating, breathing, laughing and moving all involve fluid loss and dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. Stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you and ensure you drink extra water if you are having a few celebratory wines. You might also want to consider coconut water which is great for hydration.





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Had a late night?

Food after a busy night is a good idea but be prepared with a snack or food waiting for you at home. Unfortunately, temptation foods such as a late night kebabs can be detrimental to our health and how we will feel in the morning. 
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Article contribution by Polly Douglas, CNM Edinburgh Lecturer