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Rated excellent by our customers


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To make a huge array of veggie drinks and nut milks from cereals, nuts, seeds and vegetables a ChufaMix is a clever invention to help you make exactly what you want, with the ingredients you like, simply and easily.

You will need:

A ChufaMix (buy here in our webshop)

A handheld blender


Your ingredients!

Benefits include:

Health - the freshly made juices and drinks retain their medicinal and nutritional properties

Saving money - Buying nuts and cereals in bulk and squeezing is a lot cheaper than buying the ready-made versions

Consuming responsibly - Buying organic, Fairtrade and local produce benefits the environment. You can pick exactly what goes into your drinks.

Taste - Try recipes and suggestions and tweak them to EXACTLY how you like your drinks to taste.

Ease of Use - Whilst using the cheesecloth method of filtering does work, it can be time-consuming and a bit messy. Other methods often leave the pulp to go to waste. The ChufaMix is an efficeint and easy to use system which has the added benefit of letting you use the pulp collected for such things as nut creams and homemade hummus.

Tips and Tricks


Hard nuts and raw cereals will need soaked (or cooked if you prefer) before blending. Hard nuts need soaked so that they are soft enough to blend without damaging your blender. Soya and other cereals need soaked to remove toxins and make them digestible. Nuts will need a minimum of 2 hours (don't go over 12 hours, it's unnecessary) and cereals will need soaked for around 8 hours. THe easiest thing to do is soak them overnight for mixing in the morning. Most drinks and pulp will keep for 3-5 days in the fridge.

It's a good idea to use hot water to blend hard seeds like hemp or sesame and cereals or rice.

You won't need to use a lot of power on most drinks - but do use the top setting on your blender for hard seeds like hemp to ensure they're properly blended.

If you'd like a thicker milk, use more nuts or seeds and try adding chia seeds or oats which have a thicker consistency when blended. For a thinner drink, simply add more water. A spoon of olive or other nutritionally good oil will help consistency also.

Refrigeration and Preservation

ChufaMix have done a study with CESIC (The Spanish Centre of Scientific Research) to determine how long the plant milks last. At room temperature micro-organisms work faster and the milk may go off in just a few hours.

0-2 ºC: The milk will last for 8-10 days.

3-4 ºC: The milk will last for 5-8 days.

5-8 ºC: The milk will last for 3-6 days.

Adding a bit of salt, oil or sugar (can be syrup, honey, or some dates) helps to preserve the milk longer. They also improve the texture of the milk.