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Activities for kids in the holidays

A few cheap and cheerful ideas to entertain the kids in the holidays, including how to make a CD Hovercraft, papier-mache, ideas for picnics and painting and links to some interesting sites for kids.


This appeals to all ages. Mix up strips of torn newspaper with flour, water and sugar, apply to clingfilm-covered bowls, cups etc. Paint when dry.




Plant seeds and watch them grow - Sunflowers are particularly good.

Try these Plant N Grow packs to start you off. The Kids Edible Garden is a popular choice.

Or try our range of sprouting seeds.




Ballon on a CD


Make CD hovercrafts

Use an old CD, a sports drink cap and a balloon, attach an inflated balloon to the sports cap that is itself taped to the CD in the centre, as it deflates it hovers over a smooth centre






Hand painted eggs



Egg painting

Hard boil some eggs then paint with food colouring. Allow to dry.





Water painting

Paint with a clean paintbrush and a pot of water outside on walls, slabs and fences.



Go for a picnic

If it’s raining put the blanket on the living room floor and pretend. You can have fun with the kids preparing the picnic food before hand. Here are some great recipes to give you some healthy inspiration. Try these almond chocolate muffins for a sweet, yet healthy treat.




Iced Digestives

Mix icing sugar and water in a bowl to make runny icing. Put sprinkles / smarties etc in bowls and let the kids decorate the biscuits (you could use bought biscuits or make your own).

pasta jewellrey


Pasta Jewellery

Thread dry pasta tubes onto coloured cotton and then paint






Home Cinema

Close the curtains; rearrange the furniture, make tickets, prepare snacks, put on a favourite DVD. We sell popcorn kernels and pre popped corn here.


Explore some castles


Bird Spotting

Get them to draw or write down each bird that they see, for a guide:


Go train spotting

Perhaps you have a steam railway station near you: