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About Organic Ultra Pads with wings

Natracare chemical free pads are made from only pure and natural materials derived from plant cellulose. They are not chlorine bleached, and are free of rayon, plastics and other similar synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our environment. Natural pads are particularly advisable for women with sensitive skin who are advised by gynaecologists to reduce their contact with artificial materials and petrochemicals. These Ultra Regular Pads are comfortable and reliable. With a contoured shape that is narrower towards the middle of the pad, it fits the lines of the body more readily, and the wings give added protection and security. They are individually wrapped so that they can be kept discretely in your bag. And as these pads are biodegradable they're better for the environment too. Every year, billions of plastic laden pads are disposed of in landfill sites, so using decomposable natural pads helps to reduce this problem.


Organic Ultra Pads with wings ingredients: 100% totally chlorine-free and biodegradable. Natural materials. Latex free. Plastic free. Perfume free.

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