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Poppy Seeds Blue ingredients:

Blue Poppy Seeds.

About Poppy Seeds Blue

Poppy Seeds from Real Foods. Use in bread and cake baking or mix into salad dressings to add a little crunch and colour to your meal. They contain some niacin and folate, but poppy seeds are a better source of minerals. Just 1 teaspoon provides measurable amounts of calcium, iron and zinc. Poppy seeds also pair well with a bowl of brown rice and peas. They make a good addition to pasta, but tend to need a cream sauce because their flavour is lost in tomato sauce.

Colour: Blue

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Customer reviews

I love to add poppy seeds to bread rolls when I make them. What I particularly like about these poppy seeds from Real Foods is that I can buy them in really small amounts if I want to, or if I know that I am going to be doing a lot of baking I can buy larger amounts and they cost me less per gram.

By Polly Graham on 03/09/2014

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