Real Foods Organic Pot Barley

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Organic Pot Barley ingredients: Pot barley.

About Organic Pot Barley

Pot barley, also known as scotch barley, is husked and coarsely ground. It is polished like pearl barley, but to a lesser extent, so the kernels are less refined, retaining more of the bran layer than pearled. The kernels are not as small as pearl barley, so pot barley takes a little longer to cook. Cook pot barley in boiling water (or in the liquid of a soup or stew) for about 1 hour.

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Customer reviews

So useful, and good for you. I chuck it in soups and stews to bulk them out and also just throw it cooked into a salad - similar to cous cous and very tasty too

By Joe McGrath on 24/05/2014

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