Real Foods Organic Rice Risotto Italy

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Organic Rice Risotto Italy ingredients:

Organic Risotto Rice. Sourced from Italy.

About Organic Rice Risotto Italy

You simply cannot make a risotto without this rice! It has higher starch content that other rice varieties and this is what gives you that gorgeous creaminess associated with a good risotto.

This medium-grain rice from Italy is also better at absorbing stock. Word on the street says that risotto takes ages to make, but this is untrue. You can whip up a restaurant quality plate of it in just 20 minutes!

Organic Rice Risotto Italy country of origin: Italy

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Customer reviews

I made a mushroom risotto with this rice last night, it was so easy, gluten free and simply delicious!

By Scott Murray on 29/01/2015

I tried this organic risotto rice the other day and it was an instant hit with the whole family. I have never bothered using risotto rice previously and bought this as an experiment . We will never go back to second rate risottos made with ordinary white rice!

By Marie Fitzroy on 04/06/2014

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