Real Foods Organic Catnip Herb Tea

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Organic Catnip Herb Tea ingredients:

Catnip Herb.

About Organic Catnip Herb Tea

It would be hard to guess how long cats have known about catnip (Nepeta cataria) but people have appreciated it for at least 2000 years. The plant was familiar to early Roman cooks and physicians and has long been a part of people's garden and health repertoires. The plant was introduced to North America from Europe, where it quickly escaped from the gardens and spread across the continent, to be used by native Indians and included in their inventory of useful plants. There is a good reason for its common name. The bruised foliage, whose odour has a strong mint-like aroma, stimulates cats and makes then "full of life". It is often enjoyed as a tea for its soothing relaxing benefits.

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I love being able to buy small quanities of this. That way my tea is always made from fresh leaves.

By Scott Murray on 05/12/2012

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