Real Foods Organic Chamomile Herb Tea

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About Organic Chamomile Herb Tea

Chamomile makes a pleasant aromatic tea with a fruity flavour, enhanced by sugar or honey. It is often sipped for relief of health problems ranging from toothache to nervousness. chamomile has also been noted as beneficial for soothing headaches and is a natural relaxing herb known to assist the restless and those suffering from insomnia. In many circles chamomile is called nightly night tea or sleepy tea on account of its natural properties which promote restfulness and drowsiness. It is also known to assist digestive disorders by settling the stomach and calming the nerves. The plant's botanical name Matricaria, is derived from the Latin term for womb because it was once used as an herb to treat female troubles. chamomile is derived from ancient Greek and translates as "Ground Apple" in reference to the fruity aroma.

Like many teas and herbs chamomile should be consumed without the addition of milk but this does not preclude additives such as honey, lime, lemon, cinnamon etc.


Organic Chamomile Herb Tea ingredients:

100% Chamomile Flowers.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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