Real Foods Organic Wheat Grain

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About Organic Wheat Grain

For cooking or make your own freshly ground coarse or fine organic wholemeal flour.

Wheat Grain has been produced since 9000 B.C. and possibly before. Suitable to be cooked and eaten whole. Use 3 cups of hot water to every cup of wheat kernels. Pre-soaking over night will reduce the cooking time by half. Cook for approx 30 minutes (pre-soaked) or 45 minutes if not. One cup of dry kernels will yield approx 2-3 cups of cooked plump kernels.

For sprouting, we recommend our Organic Wheat Grain for Sprouting.

Looking for a different grain? Try our Real Foods Guide to Grains for some old favourites and new ideas.

If you're looking for recipe ideas and serving suggestions, look no further than our How Do I Cook Wheat Grain article to give you some ideas.


Organic Wheat Grain ingredients:

Wheat Grain.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Why not try one of our healthy recipes using this product

Sprouted Wheat Berries Essene Bread Recipe

Summary: This is said to be the first bread known to mankind. It is dated back to BC, and is a bread made from sprouted wheat berries, ground and cooked at low temperature or in the heat of the sun, to make the most nutritious bread possible. For a raw Essene bread, dehydrate the shaped bread at no more than 42 degrees C. Otherwise, cook in your oven at up to 100 degrees C.

Dairy Free Egg Free No added sugar Vegan Vegetarian

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Check einkorn wheat as it's much better than this modern wheat.
Martin Gillard I use mine coarsely ground with a coffee grinder, then I added millet, sesame, linseed, then oats to make a very healthy porridge.
Jonathan Walton These fresh wheat grains are as closest to nature as possible. And as they are organic, I know that I am safe from any nasty chemicals. I use them in a variety of ways. If I am going to use wheat flour to make my own bread for example, I prefer to grind the grains myself, producing the freshest flour possible. I sprout them and add the sprouted wheat berries to a salad, or eat them for breakfast as a love muesli with fruit and yoghurt. I sprout them and then use them to make rejuvelac, a probiotic drink. I sprout them, then grind them to make Essene bread.