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Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour ingredients:

Buckwheat flour.

It may contain gluten from the adjacent growing, storage or processing of wheat.

About Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour

This is a sweet and speckled rustic flour ground by millstones. Buckwheat or Sarrasin is a member of the rhubarb family with triangular black seeds which produce a sweet, speckled flour.

Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour is a naturally calico coloured soft flour which makes delicious pancakes, noodles and specialist pasta.

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Customer reviews

Makes delicious vegan pancakes! A modest slathering of agave or maple on top and they're superb.

By RandomNinja on 24/09/2015

Makes AMAZING buckwheat pancakes  - well more like savoury crepes really - but they taste delicious

By Joe McGrath on 05/03/2015

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