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About Coconut Water

Cocofina coconut water is harvested from the inside of young green coconuts at their water ready peak. It is ideal as a sports rehydration drink since its naturally isotonic and contains potassium and sodium salts that you normally lose during exercise. It contains twice as much potassium as a banana and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Cocofina coconut water does not contain any fat/cholesterol and is very low in calories (Around 21 kcal per 100 ml).

Cocofina is a British award winning brand so it is not only better for you and incredibly refreshing, it tastes great too!


Coconut Water ingredients: Natural Coconut Water, Antioxidant: Sodium Metabisulphate only in the 300ml can. Cocofina coconut juice is 100% natural hence taste, colour and sweetness may vary depending on the season. For the best result enjoy Cocofina on the same day of opening. Best Served Chilled

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S M Parker This coconut water is very nice.  I bought some 2 months ago and recommended it to my son who bought 9 L
Ross MacKay I drink this after exercising and it's really good for hydration and stops you cramping (I think it's the potassium) - highly recommended.