Essential Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 690ml

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About Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

A pure, unrefined coconut oil sustainably and ethically sourced from Sri Lanka. This Raw, Virgin Coconut Oil contains nothing but unspoiled coconut goodness, and can be used either for cooking or as a skin treatment!

Coconut Oil is high in saturated fat, however recent studies have shown that it is actually a 'good' type of fat - high in medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids which, rather than being stored as fat, are quickly turned into energy and actually help the body burn fat and reduce hunger. Around half of those fatty acids are lauric acid (also found in human breast milk), which has powerful antibacterial properties.

Use coconut oil as a replacement for butter in spreads and cooking. Try it with popcorn, or added to smoothies and shakes.


Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil ingredients: 100% raw virgin coconut oil

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Cinnamon Pancakes and Blueberry Compote

Summary: There is nothing better on a winter morning than pancakes hot off the griddle with a fruity sauce.


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chrisd Lovely stuff! It scoops well and is easy to include in almost every dish.
Sally Ann Orrin Really good value, excellent flavour not too coconutty, good to cook with and add to smoothies. Can eat it straight from the jar and tastes great.  Good for the brain too.
Sally Ann Orrin Love coconut oil and this is really good value, I use it for almost everything, even clean teeth (Oil Pulling) It is brillian in cooking and a spoonful in my smoothie gets some into my food chain, very good if you have thyroid problems too.
Carmel McLoughlin Brilliant product! Everyone should be using this coconut oil for healthy cooking. It works pretty well rubbed into dry skin too!
Paula Clough Such useful stuff! It's solid at room temperature but it's got a really high burning point so you can use it in cooking, just pop the jar in some hot water if you need it to go liquid. It's also amazing for moisturising or conditioning your hair.
Charlie Wheeler Just discovered that coconut oil is meant to help with weight control - brilliant something that tastes good and is good for me
Jonathan Walton I thought cooking with cocnut oil was a joke - who wants everything tasting of coconut? But actually, everything tastes normal and it is sooooo healthy
Lily Coleman In the end I had to buy 2 of these Coconut Oils, one for the bathroom to keep my skin smooth and one for the kitchen for cooking with