Ortis Fruits & Fibres With Rhubarb Supplement 12cubes

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About Fruits & Fibres With Rhubarb Supplement

Fruits and Fibres Cubes are the ideal recipe to keep you regular. Fruits and Fibres combines the natural goodness of figs, tamarinds, rhubarb and yoghurt ferments. Senna Free, effective, gentle and safe to use. Works fast (one cube in the evening for a natural transit the next day).

Take a cube in the evening with a large glass of water. It is possible to start with half a cube. Do not give to children under 12 years old, do not use during pregnancy or breast feeding without medical advise. Do not use for extended periods of time without expert opinion. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.


Fruits & Fibres With Rhubarb Supplement ingredients: Figs, Rhubarb, Saccharose, Lactose, Guar gum, Tamarind Pulp, Gelled date purée, Yoghurt powder, Glycerin.

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