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Real Foods Potato Starch Flour No Gluten Containing Ingredients

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About Potato Starch Flour No Gluten Containing Ingredients

Potato Starch is usually dissolved in water and added to soups, stews and sauces as a thickener, or dusted over meat and fish before deep-frying. Potato starch tolerates higher temperatures than cornstarch when used as a thickener. Root starches don't stand up as well as grain starches to longer cooking and so they're best used to thicken sauces toward the very end of cooking.

For the differences between potato starch flour and pure potato flour, please look at our article here.


Potato Starch Flour No Gluten Containing Ingredients ingredients: Potato Starch

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Sophie Scott Potato starch is very good for thickening soups and I like the fact the I can buy it in smaller sizes if I want to.