Real Vitality Superfoods Organic Spirulina Powder

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About Organic Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is a nutrient rich blue-green algae packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. This organic powder contains important amino acids including lysine, cysteine, methionine, phenylalanine and threonine. It has a high iron content (more than spinach) and contains more beta-carotene than carrots.

As a food Spirulina has been consumed in various forms over centuries in different parts of the world. Its protein constituent is in an easily digested form. It also contains minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that are not available to humans from any single food of vegetable or animal source known so far.

Spirulina is not a reliable source of vitamin B12, whilst it is rich in it, Algae contains B-12 analogues (false B-12) that can provide false results in B12 testing. The only reliable vegan sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12 (including some plant milks, some soy products and some breakfast cereals) and B12 supplements. Vitamin B12, whether in supplements, fortified foods, or animal products, comes from micro-organisms.

To start with the recommended dosage is ½ teaspoon a day, gradually increasing to 3 teaspoons, taken with food or around an hour before mealtimes.


Organic Spirulina Powder ingredients:

100% Organic Spirulina Powder. Scientific Name: Arthrospira platensis.

This Spirulina was organically grown on an island in the South China Sea and is certified organic by the Soil Association.

Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g - Energy 309 kcal, 1306 KJ, Protein 56.6g, Fat 4.1g, of which saturates 1.3g, of which mono-saturates 1.5g, of which poly-unsaturates 1.4g, Carbohydrate 11.7g - of which sugars 3.7g, Fibre 16.4g, Sodium 0.3g, Thiamin 100% RDA* 1.4 mg, Ridoflavin 431% RDA* 6.9 mg, Vitamin E 130% RDA* 13 mg, Niacin 32% RDA* 5.9 mg, Zinc 22% RDA* 3.3 mg, Iron 590% RDA* 82.7 mg, Chlorophyll 1179 mg, Linolenic Acid 940 mg, Phycocyanin 12800 mg, *Recommended Daily Allowance.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Nutritious Alkalising Courgette Basil And Spirulina Soup Recipe

Summary: This starts off as a delicious Courgette and Basil soup, taken to the next level of nutrition with the addition of one of the most-loved superfoods, spirulina.

Alkalising Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free No added sugar Paleo Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

Raw Vegan Alkalising Spirulina Banana Milk Recipe

Summary: Did you know you can make a delicious dairy free milk alternative out of bananas ? Simply blend bananas with enough water to get a milky consistency. And for extra nutrition, add in a little spirulina, and there you have it : Spirulina Banana Mylk, a raw vegan green milkshake, naturally sweetened by the bananas.

Alkalising Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free No added sugar Nut Free Raw Food Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

Raw Vegan Snack Spirulina Cacao And Coconut Energy Balls Recipe

Summary: Raw vegan energy balls and bars are super easy to make, very versatile, and make great after dinner treats and midday or post workout snacks. For a basic fail-proof recipe, simply use equal amounts of nuts or seeds and dried fruits, and add a little of as many flavourings as you desire : food-grade essential oils, super foods or spices. These Spirulina, Cacao and Coconut energy balls are a great combination, as the sweetness of the dates, Brazil nuts and desiccated coconut perfectly balance the bitterness of the cacao nibs, and the relatively modest amount of spirulina beautifully blends in without being overpowering. Do try them as an evening treat or as a mid-morning / mid-afternoon or post-workout snack. Makes about 12 energy balls.

Alkalising Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free No added sugar Paleo Raw Food Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

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karen clement Having read the benefits of this product I bought this to add to smoothies. I have now tried it a few times by adding less than 1/2 a teaspoon to smoothies. Each time it has given me and my partner a fever, loss of appetite, and sickness for the day. Would not purchase again.
Spirulina Powder is so awesome! However, to get it down the hatch personally I think smoothies are the best route, lol. Here's a video I found on YouTube that does a good job covering spirulina and some of its benefits. Just go to this link
Hope it helps and stay healthy!
Freya Whitehouse Following a recommendation from a friend I added spirulina to my morning juice. It really does give an energy boost. I thought I would have to give up when I discovered how much it was adding to my weekly shopping bill. Then I cam across this site and found not only was it very competitively priced, but I could save money by buying in bulk too. Thanks.
Louis L M Last I've been taking this with several other 'superfoods' so it's difficult to attribute specific benefits to individual products but I can confirm that this stuff is a potent energy booster which produces instant and significant results for me when drunk on its own with water. I mix 1 tablespoon with a large glass of water twice a day and knock it back, the taste is very strong and unusual if you're not used to it but you'll find yourself becoming quickly accustomed to the intense grassy flavour. Of all the 'superfoods' I've been eating I think spirulina lives up to it's hype better than most. Don't drink this too late in the day as the energy boost is comparable to coffee for me and will keep you up at night. Also be aware that this is an extremely fine powder and can be very messy - but is supplied in a neat plastic storage tub.  realfoods price is competitive but this stuff, like most other 'superfoods', is prohibitively expensive unless bought in bulk. Don't be tempted to buy non organic spirulina to cut costs though as this can contain dangerous heavy metals.
Leah Houghton Spirulina contains such a vast array of nutrients that it would be one of the first superfoods to add to one's diet. Some people even believe that you could survive on spirulina alone. Being 70% complete protein and rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E and K, enzymes and chlorophyll, Spirulina is nature's own green food colouring. Make green lemonade (sparkling water + lemon juice + honey + spirulina) for the small and less small children in your life - I guaranty they will love it !
Freya Whitehouse If anyone had told me that I would enjoy drinking fresh water green algae I would have laughed in their face, but actually this Spirulina from Real Foods tastes great and is doing me good.
Jennifer Harrison This made my smoothies very green, but if I close my eyes it tastes very good