Zaytoun Palestinian Cous Cous 250g

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About Palestinian Cous Cous

Zaytoun's cous cous (maftoul in Arabic) is a delicious large grain, hand-rolled product. Cous cous is associated with celebrations in Palestine and is eaten at special occasions such as weddings, graduations and holidays. Zaytoun's cous cous is produced by a women's cooperative in Palestine and is dried to make suitable for export. Zaytoun's cous cous was previously imported from Gaza cooperatives, however since Israel intensified its siege of the Gaza Strip, any type of export from Gaza has been impossible. For this reason the Palestinian Agricultural Committees (PARC) were faced with the challenge of helping to start coops in the Jericho area, in order to continue Palestinian production of cous cous for the international market. The cous cous Zaytoun now import is from a coop called the 'Women's Cooperative for Couscous Production' located in Ein Al Sultan Refugee camp in Jericho. The facility opened in July 2007 after several coops in Gaza were forced to close. Now the coop has around 60 members.


Palestinian Cous Cous ingredients: Wheat

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