Real Foods White Rice Short Grain Italy

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About White Rice Short Grain Italy

Italian white rice that has short, plump grains and cooks to a beautifully creamy consistency - a great choice for risotto.

White Rice Short Grain Italy country of origin: Italy

Colour: White


White Rice Short Grain Italy ingredients:

Short Grain White Rice.

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Vegan Savoury Breakfast Rice Recipe

Summary: Rice is often eaten for breakfast all around Asia, from stir fried rice to rice in a broth to rice cakes. Think miso soup meets rice, and you get this delicious japanese inspired rice bowl that can be enjoyed for breakfast or at any time of the day as a snack.

Dairy Free Egg Free No added sugar Nut Free Vegan Vegetarian

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Jennifer Harrison I use this short grain white rice for risotto and rice puddings. The rice comes out nice and chewy, just like I like it.