BioSnacky Organic Alfalfa Seed 40g

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About Organic Alfalfa Seed

BioSnacky Alfalfa Seeds can be grown in your kitchen, providing delicious and nutritious organic sprouts in a matter of days. Sprouting your own seeds will provide you with a constant supply of fresh organic living sprouts for use every day and all year round. Sprouts will be harvested fresh from the germinator and before they lose any of their nutritional value. When seeds start to sprout, all the stored energy and nutrients become available and easy for us to absorb. The BioSnacky range offers a variety of different seeds with a number of nutritional benefits.

Alfalfa sprouts are considered one of the most nutritionally concentrated sprouts, containing high levels of protein, calcium, carotene, iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, potassium, zinc and other minerals. This mix contains radish, mung beans and wheat. A subtle, milady piquant taste adds interest to your meals'


Organic Alfalfa Seed ingredients: Alfalfa seeds* - * Organically grown. ( Suitable for Vegetarians)

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BioSnacky (40g)

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Diane Finlayson I am absolutely useless at growing things - I have positively black fingers and all my houseplants die. However, with this alfalfa seed mix and a germinator I have always been successful in producing a fine crop of sprouted seeds even if I coudn't grow a plant!