Salus Floradix Liquid Magnesium Supplement 250ml

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About Floradix Liquid Magnesium Supplement

A delicious magnesium elixir with 250mg magnesium per 20ml. For prolonged use as a food supplement take 20ml daily before a meal. Magnesium is an important element that is required to maintain many of the body's metabolic processes, muscle concentration, nerve function and energy metabolism.


Floradix Liquid Magnesium Supplement ingredients: Fruit juice concentrates (37%): water, pineapple, pear, mango , apricot, grape,carob extract, apple, lemon, aqueous herbal extract (34%) from Chamomile flowers, fennel, bitter orange peel, carrots, spinach; honey, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate, natural flavours.

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