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Walnuts Light Halves China ingredients:

Light Walnut Halves China.

About Walnuts Light Halves China

Walnuts, one of the most popular nuts in the world. These are halved walnuts.

Traditionally walnuts were believed to be good for the brain due to their wrinkled, brain-like appearance. However this old wives tale could have some truth in it as walnuts are stuffed full of omega 3 fats and antioxidants which are good for brain function.

Higher blood levels of omega-3s have been linked with better mood and lower rates of depression, while lower blood levels of omega-3s have been associated with higher rates of depression and negative feelings. The standard dosage of omega-3 oils recommended by many experts is one gram (1,000 mg) per day. You'll get about the same amount, in just half an ounce of walnuts. About two teaspoons of walnut oil will also do the trick, but you wont get the all the nutrition (fibre, protein, vitamins) you would from the whole nut.

Walnuts Light Halves China country of origin: China

Colour: Light

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Customer reviews

The freshest walnuts I have ever bought. Once I opened the packet the contents were eaten rather quickly.

By Tilly White on 05/12/2012

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