Rochester Organic Dickensian Recipe Non Alcoholic Ginger Wine 725ml

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About Organic Dickensian Recipe Non Alcoholic Ginger Wine

Rochester's Dickensian Recipe Ginger Wine is an unashamedly traditional trip down memory lane, creating a crisp, smooth and satisfying taste without the need for alcohol. Time honoured ingredients and production methods give this wonderful ginger wine an air of nostalgia, perfectly warming on a cold dark night.

Smooth clean and crisp, with a satisfying kick that lingers. Serve at room temperature. Mix with Whisky for the ultimate Whisky Mac.


Organic Dickensian Recipe Non Alcoholic Ginger Wine ingredients: Infusion of ginger (14%), raisin, primula flower and elderflower in varying proportions, unrefined cane sugar, citric acid, caramel, preservative: potassium sorbate.

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I kicked a very big drinking habit with the aid of this drink.It is that good and strong that I still feel like I am boozing
Great seller with really good communication, cheaper than my normal large well know health food sore.
I have bought Rochester ginger from here, as the place I buy it from a nation wide health food store they jacked up the price £1 a bottle in one week.
This drink is  very important to me as I was drinking over one litre of whisky a week.I would not have been able to stop drinking without this.
I cannot believe it is alcohol free.
If it stays at this price, this company will have regular orders from me as I never want to go back to the hard stuff again.
Deciding to embark on an alcohol free month I had to find some form of substitute without resorting to one of the well known sugar free fizzy drinks that I can't stand. I tried squash and different alcohol free wines without success............until I had a glass of this wonderful Rochester ginger wine. I have it half and half with lemonade and can honestly say I might consider replacing my wine storage with loads of the stuff. I even went out in the rain to buy another bottle. Absolutely fabulous.