Viridian Sports Electrolyte Fix Liquid Supplement Vegan 100ml

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Sports Electrolyte Fix Liquid Supplement Vegan ingredients: This product is comprised of a blend of naturally occurring brine from the Great Salt Lake containing sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium as well as a vast array of other trace and ultra trace elements.

About Sports Electrolyte Fix Liquid Supplement Vegan

Sports Electrolyte Fix is a high intensity electrolyte liquid, sourced from the Great Salt Lake, Utah in the USA. Electrolytes are mineral salts dissolved in the body's blood and fluid, they carry an electric charge and therefore can affect the blood's pH and muscle function.

Recommended Intake: Take 2.5ml (approx half a teaspoon) to 10ml (approx 2 teaspoons) daily as required. Dilute in one litre of water.

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