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Lily's Kitchen Organic Fish Dinner Cat Food 100g

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About Organic Fish Dinner Cat Food

Lily's kitchen organic fish dinner for cats is made using organic fish. This recipe does not contain any vegetables (for the really fussy cats out there!) instead organic Spirulina is used to fortify this organic cat food. Spirulina provides a broad range of micro-nutrients for optimum kitty health. Lily's kitchen cat food is grain free - cats are natural carnivores so their teeth and digestive systems are designed to digest real meat, not kibble or other fillers commonly found in other cat foods. Lily's kitchen organic fish cat food has a high moisture content - it is 60% organic salmon, this combined with selected organic herbs means this cat food helps keep your cat's kidney and urinary tract healthy.


Organic Fish Dinner Cat Food ingredients: Meat content 60% (including organic fish 30%, organic chicken 10%, organic turkey 10% and organic pork 10%), organic spirulina, carageenan, taurine, vitamins and minerals.

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