Beet it Organic Beetroot Juice Shot no sugar added, 70ml

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About Organic Beetroot Juice Shot no sugar added,

This Organic shot is a 70ml shot of concentrated organic beetroot juice (98%) cut with organic lemon juice (2%). Used by health conscious individuals of all ages, the Organic shot is a natural and organic source of dietary nitrate; there are no added preservatives. It was developed in conjunction with the Medical research teams at the William Harvey Research Institute and Exeter University to provide a consistently high dose of natural dietary nitrate. Beet It Organic shots consistently supply a dose of 0.3g dietary nitrate per shot (approximately equivalent to 300ml single strength Beetroot juice-although the dose in juice is highly unpredictable).


Organic Beetroot Juice Shot no sugar added, ingredients: Concentrated Beetroot Juice (98%), Concentrated Lemon Juice (2%).

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