Gilchesters Organic Wheat Flour White Strong Vegan, 1.5kg

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About Organic Wheat Flour White Strong Vegan,

Strong flour from heritage grains, grown and stone-ground in Northumberland. From seed to soil to stone-grinding, Gilchesters works with nature, milling only the grains they grow themselves. This and the choice of heritage grains ensures total trace-ability with purity guaranteed.

Colour: White


Organic Wheat Flour White Strong Vegan, ingredients: Stone Ground Unbleached White Flour

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Cheddar Semolina Bread

Summary: This recipe is for bread making machines. It produces a light bread with a subtle taste of cheese, and achieves maximum flavour when cooled to room temperature.

Nut Free Vegetarian

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Gilchesters (1.5kg)
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