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Thoughts of Christmas baking are stirring

Autumn is upon us and winter is coming with its crispy cold mornings and earlier evenings. The perfect time of year for a mug of dairy-free hot chocolate or our homemade mulled wine, wrap yourself in a blanket and warm up in front of the fireplace with your favourite book or a movie. And now we can finally start the countdown to Christmas!









Pudding preparation

It’s just about time to prepare a traditional Christmas pudding and as we say, don’t use some old raisins that you found at the back of the cupboard!

Buy only the freshest and best-quality ingredients you can afford. We offer a wide range of amazingly tasty dried fruits and nuts, including essential Thompson Jumbo Raisins and natural glazed cherries.







We’re not stirring but it’s Christmas baking time

It is also a good time to start planning your Christmas baking – make a list of your favourites and ingredients that you will need way ahead.

If you are planning to make your Christmas a little bit more raw and organic and don’t know where to start, stock up with dairy-free nut milks and gluten-free baking products and take a look at our free-from recipes including a traditional yet gluten and wheat-free pudding, full of taste and very easy to make.







We also have our signature Christmas cake, also wheat and gluten-free.










The icing on the cake

Look out for our next Christmas issue with some tips on how to decorate your cake – we offer our natural, ready-made options but if you would like to prepare some on your own, take a look at our egg-free marzipan recipe that is made mainly with almonds and a touch of sugar.

We also have a vegan version of royal icing that can be used for Christmas decorations. If you prefer smaller bites, try our recipe for the free from wheat, gluten and nuts mince pies. It can also be made with no dairy, sugar or eggs and is a great choice  for all diet types. We wish you the best of luck with your Christmas baking.








For all the recipes mentioned above go to:

We’ve got hundreds more healthy recipes just begging to be baked!