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Summer fruit salvation

Real Foods Organic RaspberriesReal Foods organic strawberriesWhat’s good in fruit?

To eat or not to eat? There is an ongoing discussion between nutritionists about the value of fruit - some say they are high in sugar and therefore not as healthy, but many say that the amount of good stuff in fruit can easily make up for the level of naturally occurring sugars.  The truth is, it depends on what fruit you choose and how much you consume! June is the month of berries – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries, which are fantastic; not simply because of their juicy taste but because they are relatively low in carbohydrates yet packed full of vitamin A and potassium. Since we can only really enjoy fresh berries during these few weeks, including them in your diet won’t hurt. They are low in calories so if you have a sweet tooth, try to replace your daily portion of chocolate with some fruit dessert.  Early summer is the time when all the best organic berries start arriving… so… start picking!

Scottish Strawberries and Raspberries are now available in-store. However, because of their soft nature, they don't travel well so to avoid disappointment we are unable to send these out in web orders.

Make summer your way!

If you love ice cream as much as we do, use fruits to try to make some popsicles of your own. All you need is fruit, some water or almond/soy milk and a little bit of lemon juice. You can blend it all in one go or cut the fruit into pieces, put everything in ice cream moulds and pour a little bit of water on it, to get a tasty, healthier alternative. No ice cream machine and no sugar needed! You can also use berries to make tasty sorbets, and if you prefer regular ice cream, try adding bananas and apricots. You can superpower your ice cream and sprinkle it with some chia seeds or matcha powder for some nutrient packed flavours!

Real Foods organic apricots would make a great addition to any ice-cream recipe.


Real Foods Quinoa Avocodo and Peas Super SaladGet outside

The first days of summer are perfect for picnics and lunches in the green. If your usual sandwiches bore you, swap them for easy-to-make cold pasta or quinoa salads (such as our Quinoa, Avocado and Peas Super Salad). You can simply put it in boxes and take with you. For very hot days, a good go-to would be fresh vegetables cut in pieces (carrots, peppers or cucumbers) served with our tasty hummus – yum!

Real Foods Organic Nectarines


Keep safe

Don’t forget the sunscreen during your field trips - we have a few to choose from!  And take care of your skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Look for beta-carotene and vitamin A, found in carrots, green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes, to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Or try rehydrating yourself with Coconut Water, it’s not only tasty but will help you to regulate your body temperature.

Have a great summer and keep a look out for our upcoming Festival Issue! There will be loads to read, not just the upcoming Edinburgh festival and fringe events, how to make your Summer savings and also about homemade jams and preserves.