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Seven a day, there's just no way

A fresh take on your diet

Latest research suggests that we all need to include at least 7 portions of fruit and veg in our diet everyday, 5 of which should preferably be vegetables. 19th–25th May is National Vegetarian Week, an ideal time to try eating more meals with fresh vegetables at their heart. 

Maybe you would like to reduce the amount of meat in your diet or are you ready to take the plunge and go vegetarian? Are you already vegetarian but feel stuck in a dietary rut? Real Foods can help you introduce more variety and exciting new flavours to your daily meals. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to increase the amount of vegetables in your diet, we're here to help.

The heart of a healthy diet

A variety of fresh vegetables is central to a balanced vegetarian diet. Make them the centrepiece of your meal with one of our healthy recipes, available at Try stuffed peppers with millet and watercress


A world of vegetarian cooking

Vegetarian cooking can open up a world of new recipes to try. A huge number of Indian dishes are vegetarian. Look at our recipe for Thai green curry, adding heaps of fresh veg of your choice, and tofu or cashew nuts for nutritional balance and 'bite'.

Getting enough iron into your vegetarian menus takes planning, but by combining foods you can make sure you maximise the benefits. Try mixing tofu with peppers or tomatoes as they contain vitamin C which aids iron absorption. 

Kamut Grain Vegan, ORGANIC

A return to salad days

Salads such as our green bean and spinach salad make a wholesome main, with mixed beans such as borlotti and cannellini in the recipe too.  

Adding whole grains like bulghar wheat, kamut, spelt or amaranth, can meet all your protein needs as they contain different kinds of protein. We have handy leaflets in store and online at to introduce the less well-known grains and pulses. 

Have your cake 

Looking for a way to reward yourself for all your healthy choices? Savoury cake is a popular dish in France and our recipe for leek, carrot and beetroot cake makes for a délicieux packed lunch or picnic served with a fresh green salad. Or, just go ahead and have that chocolate cake – it's vegetarian too! It is all about having a healthy balance. 

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