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Real Foods Managers Specials


Manager's Specials September 2020

All the products shown are half price for one day in our Edinburgh shops on the dates shown. These offers are not available online.

Do get in early on the day to avoid disappointment as this offer is very popular and limited by stock availability.

All pricing is correct at time of publishing.

Sept 50% OFF Branded Offers OFFER PRICE 50% OFF Real Foods Offers OFFER PRICE
Tue 01 Biona Organic Coconut Milk 400ml 094p Organic Mango Slices NoAddSug 100g 094p
Wed 02 Suma Organic White Spaghetti 500g 069p Organic Raw Cacao Nibs 100g 072p
Thu 03 Vivani Org Dark Choc 85% Cocoa DF, Vn, 100g 142p Org White Cashew Nuts Pieces 100g 087p
Fri 04 Vego Org Almond Bliss White Choc Vn, FT, 50g 112p Organic Popcorn 250g 064p
Sat 05 Doves Organic Brown Rice Penne Pasta GF, 500g 149p Organic Red Split Lentils 500g 108p
Sun 06 Doves Farm Organic Large Digestives 400g 099p Organic Natural Sesame Seeds 100g 044p
Mon 07 Biona Organic Sweetcorn 340g 089p Organic Coconut Sugar 250g 090p
Tue 08 Infinity Foods Org Original Mayonnaise 325g 136p Organic Hulled Sunflower Seeds 100g 036p
Wed 09 WholeEarth Org Elderflower NoAddSug, 330ml 064p Organic Banana Chips 100g 057p
Thu 10 Suma Org Black Beans Dairy free, Vegan, 400g 054p Org Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour 500g 118p
Fri 11 Biona Organic Coconut Water 330ml 089p Organic Mixed Nuts 5 Nuts 100g 145p
Sat 12 Amy's Kitchen Org Split Pea Soup GF, 400g 109p Organic Haricot Beans 1Kg 185p
Sun 13 La Bio Idea Org Wholewheat Penne Pasta 500g 069p Organic Chia Seeds 100g 063p
Mon 14 Pukka Organic Night Time Tea 20bags 149p Organic Icing Sugar 500g 172p
Tue 15 Whole Earth Org No Caf Coffee Substitute 100g 149p Organic Walnuts Halves 100g 112p
Wed 16 Biona Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes 400g 052p Organic Whole Almonds 100g 115p
Thu 17 Ombar Organic Coconut & Vanilla Raw Choc 35 099p Organic Chickpeas 500g 101p
Fri 18 Marriages Org Strong White Bread Flour 1kg 077p Organic Quinoa 250g 086p
Sat 19 Nairn's Org Super Seeded Oatcakes Vegan, 200g 089p Organic Green Lentils 500g 141p
Sun 20 Whole Earth Org Baked Beans NoAddSug, 420g 059p Organic Sultanas 9Crown Turkey 250g 085p
Mon 21 Lima Org Cornflakes GF, NoAddSug, 375g 149p Organic Granulated Cane Sugar 500g 120p
Tue 22 Kallo Foods Organic Rice Cakes Vegan, 130g 079p Org Roasted Buckwheat Kasha 500 124p
Wed 23 Green&Black Org Dark Choc 70% FairTrade, 90g 119p Organic Yellow Split Peas 500g 096p
Thu 24 Fiorentini Org Puff Buckwheat DF, GF, Vn 100g 104p Organic Poppy Seeds 100g 085p
Fri 25 Luscombe Farm Organic Sicilian Lemonade 27cl 087p Organic Soya Beans 500g 083p
Sat 26 Suma Organic Green Pesto Vegan, 160g 149p Organic Pinto Beans 500g 110p
Sun 27 Montezuma Org Giant Milk Choc Buttons, 180g 199p Organic Whole Brazil Nuts 100g 097p
Mon 28 Biona Organic Tempeh Vegan, 400g 174p Organic Coconut Chips 250g 126p
Tue 29 King Soba Org Thai Rice Noodles GF, WF, 250g 114p Organic Pumpkin Seeds 100g 060p
Wed 30 Mr Org, Org Passata NoAddSalt, NoAddSug, 400g 079p Organic Moong Beans 500g 137p


Purchases of Manager Specials are limited to 2 per person. We apologise but it is not possible to reserve products on offer and purchases of the Manager Specials can only be made on the day of offering. All offers are subject to availability and Real Foods reserves the right to change or withdraw items from promotion at any time.