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Prepare Your Skin for Summer

Get Ready For Summer

Winter is over and summer is coming fast. Time to air those t-shirts and shorts. Time to tone up your skin before baring it for the world to see!
Keep your skin looking bright and fresh throughout the summer by following these simple steps from Jenny:


Before the soft kiss of sunshine, you need to get rid of dead cells, and dry and flaky skin.
Try an Exfoliating Face and Body Polish from Faith In Nature containing blackcurrant exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and organic calendula to soothe and restore skin. Or Alba Botanica's Papaya and Mango Exfoliating Body Wash with fruit extracts to cleanse, sea kelp to detoxify and almond meal to provide gentle exfoliation.
For a homemade alternative, try using yoghurt (a natural source of lactic acid), simply pop on your skin for 20 minutes and rinse.


Facial Scrub natural prepared for summerGreet the sun with shining, moisturised skin.
Try Reincarnate Facial Scrub from Antipodes. Containing avocado oil and jojoba beads to lift away lifeless skin and leave a fresh complexion. Calendula oil helps to repair damage while essential oils calm and balance your skin's appearance. Or Jason's Apricot Facial Scrub has a soap-free formulation and is mild enough to be used on a daily basis. 
Sukin have a clever scrub, using non-abrasive, micro particles of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells scrub away the dirt whilst aloe vera and chamomile soothe any redness. Rosehip, jojoba and sesame oils help moisturise your skin, you can find it here in our webshop.
Or use ingredients from your cupboards, try adding 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt to fine oatmeal and add a spoon of honey. Blend to a fine paste, apply and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off. Voilá, scrubbed skin.


Keep the spots away with a daily cleansing regime. 
Essential Care's Tea Tree and Lemon Facial Wash , great for skins prone to breakouts with antibacterial tea tree and calming lavender extracts. Or Wild Ferns Foaming Facial Wash is a gentle non irritating cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural oils, it has the added antioxidant properties of Manuka honey also. 


Refresh Facial Toning Alba Botanica NaturalA good toner can help refine pores, smooth skin and prepare skin for better absorption of a moisturiser.
A mild, refreshing toner that removes impurities, soothes and conditions is Green People's Gentle Toner with proven anti-ageing benefits. or try Hibiscus Facial Toner from Alba Botanica to refresh your skin.
Sukin have an alcohol-free, hydrating mist with chamomile and rosewater to help tone skin.
For a natural equivalent, try soaking a flannel in hot water and apply to your face to soak away impurities for 5 minutes. Splash with freezing cold water afterwards to close your pores and tone your skin.
Or try adding a few drops of essential oil to water to create a toning spray. We have rosewater and orange blossom waters used for cooking that can be adapted to tone your skin. (Literally good enough to eat!)


To maintain healthy skin, daily moisturiser is a must.
One of our Bestsellers is Lavera Organic Sensitive Moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types and the entire family, this moisturiser has organic jojoba and aloe vera to moisturise without irritating. It has essences of organic rose and lemon balm to further soothe and rehydrate.
Try Weleda's Skin Food for very dry skin, problem dry patches or a deep moisturising treatment. Made with Biodynamic organic agriculture and ideal for anyone whose skin has been exposed to harsh weather. Particularly popular for feet and hand treatments to restore elasticity.

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natural skincare for summerRosehip repair Sukin Facial RecoveryWhether you want to treat yourself or someone else, gift packs of goodies always go down a treat. Try Weleda's mini bodywashes kit or their wild rose duo pack to pamper yourself.

Sukin have had some rave reviews for their Rosehip Facial Treatment Gift Pack with rosehip oil, moisturiser and cream cleanser to maintain and promote optimal skin health. Or try their Facial Recovery Pack with eye serum and facial scrub.