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Rated excellent by our customers

Natural Cleanliness

Real Foods are delighted to bring you an exciting range of cleaning products from AlmaWin

What are the AlmaWin Products?

Laundry Products
Dishwashing Products
Household Cleaners

Who is AlmaWin?

AlmaWin was founded in 1983 and is dedicated to the research, development and production of ecological washing and cleaning products that work in harmony with nature, are not tested on animals and are well tolerated by the skin.

What is special about AlmaWin products?     

This is a range of eco friendly organic household cleaning products derived from natural sources providing excellent cleaning and washing power.

These products are certified by Ecogarantie and cause less damage to aquatic animals and plants, help to reduce water pollution and have a reduced the amount of packaging.
What is Ecogarantie?
Ecogarantie® is the quality organic label for ecological products and you will find the logo on each bottle/packet.

It is the quality assurance symbol for ecological products and a sign that products bearing its trademark are providing a guarantee of quality, safety and sustainability for generations to come. They also guarantee full transparency for consumers:

✔ Plant and animal products originate from organic farming
✔ Minerals are carefully selected
✔ Chemically synthesises and petrochemical ingredients are banned
✔ No use of genetically modified organisms
✔ Minimal impact on the environment (demanding perfect biodegradability, no toxicity for aquatic organisms and no bioaccumulation of toxins in the human body
✔ No testing of end products on animals
✔ Ecologically sound production methods meaning no irradiation of products for disinfection, use of green energy and reduction of CO2 emission
✔ Packaging: PVC and expanded polystyrene is forbidden. All materials must be recyclable (cardboard, PE, PP, PET) or compostable. If cardboard is used, it has to contain at least 80% recycled fibres.