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We pride ourselves in offering an incredible variety of organic fruit and veg.


We don't just sell organic apples, we sell organic Cripps, Cox's, Gala and Ida apples. Our organic lettuce comes in Cos, Batavia, Little Gem, Oakleaf and Lollo Blondi varieties, as well as convenient mixed salad packs. Our mushrooms too, including Morels, Oyster, Porta Bella and Shiitake, prove organic doesn't have to mean compromising on variety.


You may be surprised also by some of the produce that is now available as organic, such as clementines, pink grapefruit, Galia melon, passion fruit, fennel, globe artichokes and ginger.


Organic fantastic


Organic food is strictly regulated to uphold principles of stewardship and sustainability for the environment, animals and people - those who grow it as well as those who buy it. .


Organic farming aims to produce food of high quality and nutrition, which is grown GM-free, without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, due to concern for their adverse effect on the environment, on wildlife and on our own health.


In fact, organic farmers are active in improving the environment, biodiversity and healthy habitats for wildlife, not just in maintaining it. Creating a habitat brimming with wildlife helps to keep pests away from crops without the use of chemicals.


Discover organic this September


2012 sees Organic Fortnight become Organic September, a nationwide, month-long celebration of all things organic and an ideal time to enjoy the fruits of the organic harvest. Keep an eye on our website for more information.