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Rated excellent by our customers

Kate Magic Review by Vanesa Kelly


On Friday 19th of February Real Foods hosted the Kate Magic Raw Food event. It was a fantastic evening full of interesting flavours and in depth sensitive advice.
As a Raw food eater for more than 17 years Kate encourages us to increase our consumption of foods that are still “alive” and full of health giving enzymes, as opposed to cooked food (depleted of them) The benefits are unlimited, but to mention a few: better digestion and clearer complexion, increased energy and drive and naturally occurring, balanced weight loss and maintenance. All these rewards come with small adjustments like drinking more fluids and green smoothies, medicinal teas like Pau D’Arco and eating quality protein such as Hemp, and the introduction of super foods (or Future Foods, as she calls them) into your daily life. This includes Maca Root Powder  (rich in Calcium and gives us energy and stamina throughout the day), Seaweeds such as the Clearspring Range or the Spirulina and Chlorella powders (high mineral content and a full spectrum of B vitamins, and essential amino acids), Barley Grass and Wheat Grass powders (high in Chlorophyll which has an alkaline effect to smooth the digestive system), or Goji Berries the sweet powerhouse of antioxidants ready to fight free radicals that age our organs and damage our skin.
All in all, a great event!