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Kate Magic review


On Tuesday 14th April raw food guru Kate Magic came to Edinburgh to give a class at Real Foods Broughton Street. She brought lots of delicious raw chocolate that she made especially for those attending. After tasting two incredible raw chocolate cakes called Quantum and Dedicakeshun (available on special order from both of our stores), Kate launched into an introduction to raw food. Kate explained how her own raw philosophy has developed over the years and how her raw diet and lifestyle has changed with bringing up her three boys. This led to a lively discussion of the different nutritional requirements of those on a predominantly raw diet - Kate explained how given the high enzyme content and nutritional status of raw food, it is not always necessary to plan detoxes as the body will be often in a state of detoxification. She then took everyone through the different foods available for a raw diet from fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, to superfoods, grains and supplements. Living foods, such as sprouts, are perfect sources of enzymes and Kate had a wealth of tips on sprouting – from soaking times and choosing organic seeds, to the different properties, taste and effect of different sprouts. After a lively question and answer session everyone stocked up on raw ingredients and left with a Real Foods goody bag. With so much fantastic food available, it is easy to see why raw food is quickly becoming so popular in UK.
Real Foods would like to thank the producers and suppliers who made this event possible: Raw Living, Naked, Coconoil and Aubrey Organics