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Holiday essentials and treats

Taking goodies travelling?

Travel-size lotions and potions, links to amazing self tanning and sun care, some natural remedies and a range of the all important drinks, snacks and treats. We've even got some recycled toothbrushes!


Real-Foods-Looseleaf-Tea-Leaves-Packdowns-Scottish-Breakfast56% of the people polled in a recent Which? holiday survey took some form of food or  drink with them on their last holiday. Tea topped the list, with coffee and sweets not  trailing far behind. Try one of the black teas we sell, our own loose teas can be bought  in pack sizes from 100 grams up to several kilos, so you can buy precisely how much you need. Popular choices include Scottish Breakfast Tea (pictured left) and Earl Grey. We  also have great range in teabags if that's your preference. This Best of British from  Higher Living is a mixed pack of favourite organic teas including Earl Grey, English  Breakfast, Chamomile and Green Tea.Or try a caffeine-free flavoured green tea or  organic herbal tea to calm and rehydrate you.


Our full range of teas can be found in our drinks section here, along with other essentials like coffee, soft drinks, cordials, water and a huge array of juices. We also sell wines, beers, ciders, spirits and even champagne if you're wanting a treat!



Our range of chocolate is amazing, if you need impressive luxury chocs for your hosts, or simply want to treat yourself, try looking around our chocolate shop for ideas. Look at Booja Booja or Willie's Cacao for some exceptionally high-quality luxury truffles and blocks. Montezuma make beautiful chocolate with interesting flavour combinations or try Vivani for melt-in-the-mouth sweetness. 

If you're wanting some sweets for the kids try this range from Biona, they are naturally sweetened and organic, many of them are vegan also. Vermints come in a range of flavours and tins and are great for long car journeys, or try Peppersmith for authentic English peppermints and gum. Our full confectionary range is here.

For maintaining energy, try raw mixes. Packed full of nuts, seeds and superfoods they're a tasty way to keep your body going. We also have a huge range of snackbars here. Pick oats for slow-release energy or raw snackbars for ones packed full of nutrition.

We also have a range of popcorn, crisps and chocolate coated snacks. Want to try lentil or chickpea crisps? Try Cofresh's amazing range. Feel like impressing vegan friends with kale chips? Try the vegetable crisps range here. See if you can fob off the kids with something healthy? Try our snacks range here.


Natural Beauty

In our natural beauty area we have a lots of goodies from zesty shower gels to relaxing bath salts. we also have the all-important sunscreen and fake tan - only these do not have parabens, SLS or any other nasties.

Dr Bronner Magic Soap There's a handy travel kit from Sukin here perfect for getting through customs with your hand luggage as none of the bottles contain over 100ml! Or try Essential Care's Trial Size moisturisers. Also handy are the Salt of the Earth deodorants wieighing in at under 50 grams and containing 10 mls of liquid to get you past security and still feeling fresh.

Dr Bronner's amazing liquid soap is very popular for people going travelling, it can be used for washing not just your body, but your hair, the laundry and even the car! It is made from Fairtrade and organic ingredients and since they are pure castile soaps they are incredibly veratile and great for sensitive skins. Try the peppermint if you're really short of space and you can even use it on your teeth! Or try this Organic Lavender Hand Sanitiser at only 59ml, that will help you stay fresh and moisturised.


For those people going self catering, bear in mind that's also self cleaning and have a look at the excellent AlmaWin range of trial size bottles, perfect for cleaning without harming the lovely country you're in! 


Anti-Mosquite-insect-spray-repellant-Real-FoodsPeople can have trouble at this time of year dealing with pollen, hayfever or insects. Many people advise using local honey of the area you are in to help prevent pollen allergies, or use bee pollen throughout the summer to help build up immunity.

Here's a link to our range of insect repellents.

If you're worried about tummy troubles whilst travelling, never fear, the excellent OptiBac formula for travelling abroad is here to help with an expert formula of friendly bacteria to help your digestive health and immune system whilst abroad.  For a natural, homeopathic solution to travel sickness try Nelsons Travella.


Finally, don't forget your toothbrush!

Real Foods Toothbrush

By Kim Betney