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Healthy Snack Choices


Healthy Snacks
Swap sugary snacks for fruit or nuts. They`re a healthy source of energy and count towards your 5 A DAY.
Try to swap the snacks like crisps for healthier options like fruit, nuts or rice cakes.
Remember small changes an add up - try these small swaps for a healthier diet:
STOP: a bag of crisps (289 calories).
SWAP: a handful of fruit or nuts, or plain popcorn instead (188 calories).
STOP: a chocolate-chip cookie (168 calories).
SWAP: a piece of fruit. Bananas are good if you’re craving something sweet (116 calories).
STOP: chocolate digestive (83 calories).
SWAP: have two dried figs. They’re sweet enough to satisfy your sugar craving without the high saturated fat content (57 calories calories).