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Healthier Takeaways


Ordering Healthier Takeaways
Always choose a pizza with a thin base. Deep pan is packed with fat. Go for vegetable toppings and avoid extra cheese.
Worst choice: large deep pan, crust stuffed with cheese, triple cheese topping.
Best choice: small/medium pizza with a thin base and vegetable topping.
Avoid anything that’s battered or ‘crispy’ as that means it’s deep fried. Steamed dishes are the best option, but stir-fries are fine.
Watch out for starters such as prawn crackers and spring rolls because these are generally deep fried.
Worst choice: sweet and sour battered vegetables with special or egg fried rice and spring rolls.
Best choice: sweetcorn soup, vegetables in oyster sauce or black bean sauce, steamed vegetables and plain boiled rice. 
Avoid anything that’s creamy or deep fried. The best options are vegetable curry, tandoori vegetables, vegetable madras or bhuna.
Have them with boiled rice, dhal or chapattis.
If you do have a balti, spoon off the excess oil.
Worst choice: any korma or masala with fried rice, bhajis, pakoras and poppadoms.
Best choice: vegetable madras, tandoori or bhuna with boiled rice and dhal.