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Gluten Free Greats

Author: kim

Gluten Free Greats

This is the Real Foods guide to some Gluten Free Greats. There are loads of interesting products suitable for coeliacs and people with gluten intolerance, so we've rounded up some of the most popular and a couple of new ones, to show you that going Gluten Free really can be great!

All products with Gluten Free showing in their product name are Gluten Free Certified (less than 20 ppm). Search on our home page to look for products and then use the filters on the left-hand side. Choosing Gluten Free All will show all products (including naturally gluten free and No Gluten Containing Ingredient products), choosing Gluten Free Certified will only show you the certified products. We're always looking to list new and exciting products so if you can't find something you'd like, let us know! Simply email

Red Lentil Fusilli Pasta from Profusion

Profusion's Organic Red Lentil Pasta

An organic, gluten free, grain free pasta from Profusion. It's made from red lentil flour and is a great alternative to starchy pastas. It's high in protein and fibre, very tasty and brightens up your pasta dishes. Profusion also have a great Chickpea Fusilli available and have recently brought out penne pastas made from  Chickpea and Flaxseed, or Red Lentil and Flaxseed. Profusion are committed to providing nutrient-dense organic wholefoods.

You can find Profusion here in our webshop

Gluten Free Organic Tamari Sauce from Clearspring

Clearspring's Gluten Free Tamari Sauce

This Tamari sauce from Clearspring is Gluten and Wheat Free and made to a 500 year old recipe using traditional processes and equipment, it is then naturally fermented and aged in cedarwood kegs over two summers. Clearspring Organic Japanese Tamari Soya Sauce has an award-winning flavour that’s rich, full bodied, complex and concentrated – but never overpowering. It’s perfect as a dipping sauce, a condiment or as a traditional accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. It gives a great depth of savoury flavour to salad dressings, marinades, sauces, stir fries and cooked vegetable dishes. 

A tiny portion of roasted barley flour is used in the process of making Clearspring Orgnic Tamari Soya Sauce. Yet, in the light of gluten testing carried out, they are able to confirm that the long fermentation and ageing processes that this Organic Tamari Soya Sauce undergoes, eliminates the gluten proteins present in the barley. Following these results, the Coeliac Society decided to include Clearspring Organic Tamari Soya Sauce in their gluten free directory.

Find Clearspring Gluten Free Tamari Sauce in 150ml and 500ml here

Gluten Free Oatcakes from Nairn's

Nairn's Gluten Free Oatcakes

Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcakes are high in fibre and Coeliac UK approved. They are made with gluten free wholegrain oats that are grown in dedicated fields and milled in uncontaminated conditions. Oatcakes contain a protein called avenin which is not suitable for some coeliacs and it is often recommended that you avoid oat products when first diagnosed and then only source uncontaminated oats, which is exactly what these oatcakes are made from! A firm favourite with Real Foods’ customers.

Find Gluten Free Oatcakes from Nairn's here

Bohemian Pilsner from Bellfield Brewery

Bellfield Brewery's Gluten Free Pilsner

Local Edinburgh micro-brewery Bellfield are the UK's first dedicated gluten-free brewery, producing craft beer in small batches, using traditional brewing methods combined with non-traditional ingredients. They only launched a year ago at the 2016 FreeFrom Show in Glasgow and have been winning awards ever since. This Bohemian Pilsner was in the Scottish Beer Awards as a finalist in 2016 and recently won the Gold Award at FreeFrom 2017 Awards.

The judges' comments on Bohemian Pilsner? 'Strong aroma, good distribution, nicely bitter and not too fizzy – good! Floral – light amber colour – very refreshing – good after taste.’ Try it and see if you agree

Find Bellfield Brewery's Gluten Free Pilsner and IPA here

Gluten Free Buckwheat Muesli from Eat Natural

Eat Natural's Toasted Buckwheat Muesli

A popular choice with Real Foods' staff and customers, this muesli is made from naturally gluten free grains - buckwheat and rice. They toast the buckwheat, crisp the rice, add dried fruit (sultanas and currants) and generous amounts of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Mixed with a touch of cinnamon and honey to sweeten it, this is a great start to the day - and fabulous as muesli biscuits we're reliably informed by one of our regulars!

Find Eat Natural's range in our webshop here

Gluten Free Corn Chips from RW Garcia

R.W. Garcia's Organic Blue Maize Tortilla Chips

These authentic tortilla chips are made to a traditional recipe from organically produced ingredients - that's blue corn, water, oil, salt - and absolutely nothing else! In addition to being made from no gluten containing ingredients, they are tested and certified Gluten Free, so these tortillas are suitable for coeliacs and people with severe gluten intolerance. Blue corn contains 20% more protein and is lower on the glycaemic index than traditional corn.

Find Tortilla and Corn Chips here on our website

Onion & Seed Rolls from The Incredible Bakery Co

Incredible Bakery Company's Onion and Seed Rolls

The Incredible Bakery is based in Northhamptonshire and has no contact with any of the 14 major allergens, and that includes gluten. The fresh bread isn't available online yet, but you can pick them up in either of our Edinburgh stores. Recently listed, they're very popular and their Onion and Seed Rolls have been flying off the shelves. Made with white and brown rice flour, gram flour and cold-pressed rapeseed oil, these rolls are made to the same recipe as their onion loaf. We do sell their Golden Linseed Breadcrumbs and Shortcrust Pastry Flour in the webshop. If you would like to see the full range of breads, log-in, follow the link below and select 'show full product catalogue' at the top of the search - it will display all of the chilled, fresh and frozen items that are available in store.

Find Incredible Bakery Co products here in our webshop


Gluten Free Plain White Flour from Doves Farm

Doves Farm - Gluten Free Plain White Flour

One of the most popular Gluten Free flours - this one can be used in place of plain white wheat flour and is made of a mix of naturally gluten free flours - including Tapioca, Buckwheat and Potato. Doves Farm also have a Gluten Free version of self-raising flour, brown bread flour, white bread flour and a couple of different rice based flours. Simply search for Doves and then choose Gluten Free from the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

Find our Gluten Free Baking and Flours here