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Evading Eczema

Eczema is one of the oldest known diseases and is amongst the most difficult to cure. There are various reasons for this but they may be mostly due to its relationship with the nervous system.
  • Keeping your liver functioning properly is essential for reducing the symptoms, as is avoiding inflammatory foods.
  • Stress is a huge trigger for eczema and other inflammatory conditions.

Foods to include

Foods rich in Omega 3 oils like

Unrefined sesame oil is fabulous, both internally and externally, although sesame seeds used in salads are also of benefit (as is tahini).

Foods high in vitamin A, such as...

Any goats' milk product is going to be helpful.

Foods to avoid

Inflammatory and acidic foods like...

  • Dairy products
  • Refined wheat (white bread and pasta)
  • The nightshade family of vegetables (white potatoes, avocado, tomatoes and chillies)
  • White sugar and its products
  • Refined fats and fried foods
  • Processed and junk foods

Other acidic substances to be avoided are...

  • Alcohol
  • Too much raw garlic
  • Coffee

Reduce citrus fruit


  • Vitamin C is essential in cases of inflammation. It will also help the immune system
  • Vitamin E may be taken internally and externally to promote healing
  • Blue-green micro-algae like Spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella
  • Zinc is important for the skin and immune system

Herbal medicine

Herbs for your nervous system are essential...

  • Chamomile (also for digestion),
  • St John's Wort (check with your practitioner for drug inter-reactions)
  • Neem is wonderful for any skin ailment, both internally and externally.

Blood-cleansing herbs like...

These herbs will also promote bowel movement.


  • Be sure that the bowels are moving daily.
  • Improve digestion by eating foods that are easy to digest (see foods to avoid).
  • Avoid chemicals in cleaning products, skincare items, shampoos and conditioners (buy sulphate-free). These chemicals irritate the skin and liver.
  • Keep your liver happy by eliminating excessive amounts of preservatives and toxins found in conventionally produced fruit and vegetables, cigarettes, alcohol and processed foods.
  • Drink purified water only. For extra protection, buy a filter for your shower nozzle (available in health food stores)
  • Our skin is our largest organ, so therefore will soak up chlorine and chemicals found in our water supply, thus making allergies worse.
  • Apply raw honey (Manuka is great as it is also anti-bacterial), umeboshi plums, or a rice bran compress topically.
  • Manage stress by learning a meditation technique or doing yoga.
  • Exposure to the sun and sea has been shown to be beneficial.
  • Moderate and regular exercise is vital.
  • Dealing with any underlying, unresolved emotional issues can be strongly beneficial.