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Be Healthy and Happy

Author: kim

It’s dark, it’s cold and it’s quite possible you've got a hangover from drinks, debauchery or far too many relatives visiting. Don’t worry, be healthy and happy, here are our best suggestions for kickstarting a healthier you.

1.      Sleep 

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep. An adult should be aiming for 7-8 hours at a minimum, but 9 or 10 is also fine! Treat yourself like a kid and get into a routine of settling down with a calming bath and a soothing hot drink. Pukka, Clipper and Heath and Heather all have their own night-time blends to promote sleepiness, or try making your own from our wide range of herbs and use the self-fill teabags to make your preferred blend. Valerian, Chamomile, Passionflower and Ashwagandha are all reputed to help. Or try Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk from Weleda for a luxurious treat – in your bath though, not in your tea of course.

2.      Meditation

Mindfulness and meditative practices are being widely studied and offer a range of benefits including improving your immune system and brain function by encouraging healthy eating and concentration. Try one of the wide range of apps available, go along to a regular class or workshop, or simply take a minute right now and breathe…

3.      A healthy diet

Studies show that a plant-based diet can work wonders for your health. The other diet strongly recommended by health researchers is low GI, reducing sugar cravings and the highs and lows of insulin responses. These need not be dramatic changes to make in your diet, try swapping potatoes for sweet potatoes for slow-release carbohydrates, swap cream or milk for one of the wide range of dairy-free alternatives and try a new fruit or vegetable to see if you can incorporate them into your diet. Try setting up a supper club with friends and try some new recipes (we have a huge range in our recipes section), or share your latest creations with like-minded friends on Social Media and ask for their recipes in exchange.

4.      Good gut health

Good gut health is also a great way to improve your mood and health. Try to get some prebiotics into your diet - Prebiotics are non-digestible parts of food that promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Onions, asparagus, chicory, leeks and artichokes are all good sources. These fibre-rich foods feed the good bacteria in the gut.