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August Edinburgh Festival Tips 2016

August/Festival Newsletter 2016

Recipe-for-saffron-poached-pearsSummer Treasures

Summer days are slowly fading away but they are not gone yet! Now there is a perfect time for the late summer treasures – pears, currants and apples. They are great not only in sweet treats but also in chutneys and savoury sauces. Try making our delicious poached pears with a hint of saffron (follow this link for the recipe - pictured left), which are perfect with green salads, blue cheese and walnuts.

And don’t forget that late summer has a lot more to offer than just fruits – courgettes, aubergines and squash are in season, perfect for casseroles and take-away pies if you are spending the weekend outside the town with your friends and family and are just planning to make up your own Festival Survival Kit! The time around August can become hectic and if you are looking for some peace and quiet just get your food ready and head for a day-long cycling trip or spend some time at the beach. Have a look at our guide to the best parks in Edinburgh here.


Start your day right and keep your energy steadyfruit-nut-seed-snackbar-recipe

Start your day with an energy boost – get some real, steel-cut porridge oats with fruits, almond milk, nuts and seeds. There is nothing better in the morning than a bowl of delicious porridge – and you can always prepare it differently! Before you head for adventures make you bring with you some snacks – the best options are protein and cereal bars, which have enough complex carbohydrates to prevent you from sugar crash but also offer high quality proteins. We have a whole range of gluten-free, dairy free snacks to choose from that will give you a real boost when you start lacking energy.

As an alternative, you can always prepare your own muesli bars from our easy fruit, nut and seed bar recipe (pictured right) or bring some fruits with you – especially good are bananas, peaches and apples – just cut them in pieces and throw some in the box! Use courgettes to prepare some raw courgette “noodles” with fresh garlic, parsley and pine nuts – great, fresh lunch option.



Not only your body but also your skin needs hydration – long hours spent outside can take a toll on your skin. Remember to drink enough water and if you don’t like it plain – get some hydrating birch or coconut water, rich in nutrients and high in electrolytes and potassium to keep cellular hydration level optimal. Including some water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet will also help you stay hydrated and will make your skin look fresh and healthy – get some carrots, melons, berries and pineapple for brighter, healthier complexion. Reducing dairy can help too! (Check out our dairy free drinks here). Keep yourself healthy during last summer days and look forward to our Autumn Issue with a lot of delicious (but healthy!) ideas.