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Are You Eating Healthily

Healthy eating self-assessment

Are you a healthy eater?

We all know that eating healthily is a good thing and lots of us reckon that we are doing okay - but are we?
Take this short test to see whether you are as good as you think, or whether you could improve your eating habits.
Please choose the answers that most closely reflect your typical behaviour, not the ones that you think will give you the best results!

Healthy Eating Quiz

1. You are running late in the morning and haven’t eaten breakfast yet. What do you do?
a)   Skip it, you regularly do (2 points)
b)   Make two pieces of white toast with jam and eat them on the way (1 point)
c)    Throw some sliced banana on a wholegrain cereal with skimmed milk (0 points)
d)   Eat a bowl of sugar-coated cereal with whole milk (1 point)
2. It’s time for your morning break. What do you opt for?
a)   A cup of coffee and a chocolate bar (1 point)
b)   A cup of tea and two homemade oatmeal cookies (1 point)
c)    A glass of water and an apple (0 points)
d)   A glass of fruit juice with a piece of fruit (0 points)
e)    A canned drink and a packet of crisps (1 points)

3. How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you eat on a typical day?  
a)   0 (2 points)
b)   1 (2 points)
c)    2 (2 points)
d)   3 (1 point)
e)    4 (1 point)
f)      5 (0 point)
g)    6+ (0 point)
4. When you grab a cold drink, what is it most likely to be?
a)   A fizzy soft drink (1 point)
b)   A squash or a juice drink (1 point)
c)    A fruit juice (0 point)
d)   A glass of water (0 point)
e)    A smoothie (0 point)
5. You’re having lunch with friends. What would you be most likely to choose?
a)   Fried egg sandwich with something sweet like a doughnut or chocolate (2 points)
b)   A green salad without dressing (0 point)
c)    Pizza topped with sweetcorn and green peppers (1 point)
d)   Vege Burger and chips with a fizzy drink (1 point)
e)    Jacket potato with cheese and baked beans (0 points)
6. How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
a)      8+ (0 points)
b)      7 to 8 (0 points)
c)       5 to 6 (0 points)
d)      3 to 4 (1 point)
e)       1 to 2 (1 point)
f)         None (1 point)
7. Tonight, you're ordering a takeaway with friends. What would you be most likely to choose?
a)   Mushroom, sweetcorn and pepper pizza with extra cheese and garlic bread (2 points)
b)   Crispy sweet and sour vegetables with special fried rice (2 points)
c)    Vegetable stir fry with steamed rice (0 points)
d)   Battered vegetarian sausage and chips (1 point)
e)    Spicy beans and rice (0 points)
f)      Vegetable korma with pilau rice (1 point)
8. What are you most likely to choose when picking a dessert?
a)   Cream doughnut (1 point)
b)   Homemade apple crumble with custard (0 points)
c)    Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt (0 points)
d)   Sticky toffee pudding (1 point)
e)    Piece of fruit (0 points)


0-3 points
Based on your answers today you're eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Well done!
3-6 points
Based on your answers today some areas of your diet could be improved. Making some small changes now could help your long-term health.
6-8 points
Based on your answers today some areas of your diet need to be improved quickly to reduce the chances of long-term health problems such as obesity or heart disease.