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Rated excellent by our customers

All the freefrom products you need on tap

More and more people are discovering that they react unfavourably to many of the common ingredients found in supermarket foods, household and beauty products. Reactions can vary from simply feeling tired and lethargic to other much more major health issues. Here at Real Foods we have been helping people fight food allergies and intolerance with direct action for almost 55 years by supplying a wide range of healthy, wholesome, natural and free from foods, household and beauty products. We are proud to say that our shops have served three generations of discriminating shoppers. Here's a photo of some of our shelves from the 1980s, filled with of soya milk including from brands we still sell today such as Plamil:

Real Foods Edinburgh 1980 shelves soya milk

All of us can benefit from a diet that includes a large variety of fresh, natural foods but for those with different allergies this variety can be difficult to achieve. As a company Real Foods has for years been expanding its range of delicious, tasty and healthy free from foods. Free from diets do not need to be boring and repetitive nor does your weekly free from shop need to be a major chore. By shopping online at you can do the whole of your weekly shop in one place. You can also make use of over 600 free-from recipes and add the ingredients for these recipes to your shopping basket a the touch of a button:

Real Foods vegetarian free from recipes

Real Foods online shop offers you the option to filter your product lists by the diet type you prefer so that you can be sure that the things you put in your basket will suit your family whatever their dietary needs and preferences are. When you create an account at Real Foods online we will also create a list of favourites as you shop so that when you return it's easy to find the things you loved from previous shopping trips. If you are really short on time you also have the option of simply repeating the last order you placed by touching the 'repeat order' button.


Having food allergies or intolerance can mean that you feel like you are missing out on your favourite foods so the lovely team in Real Foods kitchen have put many hours into creating delicious alternative recipes which the rest of the team has spent much less time sampling. Why not try for example these truly gorgeous Aduki bean brownies - we know it sounds a bit bizarre, but we can honestly say that they are just as good as brownies made with gluten flour and far more healthy! Or for a tasty tea time treat try this competition winning wheat free banana bread recipe.

If you are dairy free and crave ice cream then why not try out our recipe for dairy free lacuma ice cream. Again it is tried and tested and our team can testify that it is absolutely yummy. It can also be made as sugar free ice cream making so healthy you could even tuck in at breakfast time:

Raw Vegan Sugar Free Lucuma Ice Cream Recipe


For adults missing their occasional beer we can offer a choice of gluten free beers including these two:

Gluten free beers

When it comes to cleaning around your house, if you want to find vegan or gluten free cleaning products then we have a few you can choose from you could try Ecoleaf's multi surface cleaner or BioD's multi surface sanitiser to keep your kitchen and bathroom healthily clean.

Ecoleaf Multi surface cleaner Bio D surface cleanser


And for keeping you clean you could try one of the vegan and gluten free soaps from Faith in Nature:

Faith in Nature Vegan Gluten Free soapFaith in Nature Vegan Gluten Free soapFaith in Nature Vegan Gluten Free soap