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A week of healthy breakfasts thanks to Real Foods

Here's what Independent blogger and Media Professional, Ruth Jackson, has to say about our own Real Foods recipe mueslis.

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On Monday I introduced you to Real Foods as this week I have been testing out their different ranges of muesli and I just wanted to recap it for anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram where I have been posting my snaps.

I was sent packets of different muesli, some hemp milk and some xylitol ( for my terrible sweet tooth!) and I am happy to report I loved it ALL! I have eaten the same thing for breakfast for years and years now, a mix of porridge and bran with sweetener thrown in, but recently I had been thinking it was time to mix it up a little and see what else is out there and I am so glad I have! I had no idea that there could even be so many different combinations of muesli, each with a huge array of ingredients and nutrients to give you a big boost to your morning. I have definitely realised healthy food by no means has to be boring and can definitely be tasty! 

Real Foods healthy muesli
















I thought I would kick the week off with the healthy start muesli with hemp milk

Ingredients; Toasted bran flakes, force flakes (with malt only), Thompson raisins, honey coated banana chips, toasted coconut.

I love bran flakes so adored this, the banana chips gave it a great texture and it felt incredibly healthy and light for starting the week right!I didn't this soak over night, just went straight on with the milk in the morning  and it was delicious, never mind an excellent source of fibre and vitamins.












Up next was the Wheat Free Muesli

Ingredients; oats, rye, raisins, sultanas, currants, dates, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, linseed, oat bran, apricots, apple, walnuts, brazil nuts.

I was excited to try the wheat free version as I know for a lot of people this is a must. A really fabulous mix of flavours made for a bright morning. This time I soaked the muesli overnight with fat free yoghurt and it felt like such a treat to start the day with. 













Orac Antioxidant Muesli was perfect for a mid-week boost

Ingredients; blueberries, raisins, apples, pecans, walnuts and pistachios, pumpkin, sunflower and flaxseeds for an extra omega and mineral boost. 

This was a really interesting one, I had just covered anti oxidants and their benefits in my nutrition course so this came at a great time. I Loved the blueberry and apple and felt it really tasted unlike anything I have had before. The nut mix used is incredibly delicious whilst doing its bit within the body which is a real winner.













A really fruity treat was the exotic delight muesli 

Ingredients; Oats, force flakes, (with sugar, salt, malt), sultanas, raisins, starch rolled dates, toasted coconut, apricots, papaya, honey coated banana chips, flaked hazelnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, wheat flakes, ground cinnamon.

This is the one I was least looking forward to but I actually think it could be my favourite in the end- just goes to show you never know until you try something! This one just sounded too ‘fruity’ for me but it was just so delicious, I poured it at nigh to soak and the smell was just so heavenly I had to try a bit and I ended up eating half! It was just SO gorgeous. I love coconut, adored the sweetness from the fruit and the force flakes and oats kept it really filling so it really was a fantastic all rounder.


To finish off the week it was the Deluxe Muesli

Ingredients; Porridge oat, flakes, starch, rolled dates, raisins, whole hazelnuts, peanuts, broken brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, sultanas, currants, wheatgerm.

A real nut and seed extrvaganza this was just a lovely end to the week- still a little sweetness from the raisins and currants but essentially a hearty bowl of nuts and seeds- it was perfect for waking up my tired self today. I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take my usual snap, this was soaked over night in almond milk this time and incredibly filling.












What a week!

I had totally shied away from some flavour combinations in the past but now thanks to this week and Real Foods, I am ready to really embrace them. I was never a huge fruity fan but the ingredients of these muesli have really shown me how tasty an addition they can be. My main concern was that these couldn’t keep me as full as my porridge did but I was so wrong. I was totally stuffed up until lunchtime, which for a crazy snacker like me is essential.I felt full of energy, alert and not at all hungry which is a total result in my book. 

These mueslis come in a variety of sizes which I think is a fantastic service and all of my servings came in at under 50p each which is really good considering what you might pay for breakfast on the hop.  I actually even found myself skipping the additional sweetener on all of the days which is a HUGE shock for me and they were all no added sugar to start with! It really left me to enjoy the pure flavour of the oats , nuts and fruit and how they complemented each other and I didn’t feel they needed sweetened  at all. I loved how natural and healthy they all tasted and really looked forward to trying them out each day.On 3 of the days I decided to soak my muesli overnight for eating in the morning, I found this gave it a nice fluffy consistency and made it feel even more like a treat, I have also read soaking oats can aid digestion and absorption of minerals but on the 2 days I added milk in the morning they tasted just as good.

I have been off milk now for around 6 months ( my skin has cleared up considerably in that time!) and usually I am a total devotee to unsweetened almond milk so the hemp milk was a lovely change. Thinner than some milks I have tried it was really tasty and I would happily get it again. The Xylitol I did try in my tea seeing as I didn’t need it in my muesli and it was fab- absolutely no aftertaste and I found I didn’t need as much as I would normally use. With what I have read it is a really good and  natural alternative to many synthetic sweeteners and I am looking forward to experimenting more with it.

I have had such a blast working with Real Foods this week and I cannot wait to go and check their stores out in person. If you are into starting to lead a healthier lifestyle  I totally recommend taking a look on their website, not only do they sell all the products you could need ( even cleaning supplies and supplements) but delivery is free on order over £49 which I think is an incredible offer. Even better than that is the crazy good selection of recipes they have listed on the site- if you are looking for healthy eating ideas this is an amazing place to get started.

Thanks to the lovely team at Real Foods for providing me with such an insightful and tasty week!

Any questions has you can get me here in the comments or over on my twitter or instagram,

Have a fab weekend everyone!

To shop the full range muesli recipes produced by Real Foods click here.