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Rated excellent by our customers

A veritable cornucopia of organic fruit and vegetables








At this time of year there is so much more choice when it comes to fresh organic fruit and vegetables that it makes sense to eat even more of them. Can’t bear the thought of lugging heavy bags around town? No problem, save your arms by ordering your fruit and veg online and have your order delivered to your door. Our fruit & veg is carefully selected as the best quality, organic certified products and our picking team ensures sure you get what you order in the freshest condition or we don’t send it at all. 

All online orders for fresh organic fruit and veg are hand-picked every Wednesday and Thursday, taking advantage of our greatest availability. Once your order is picked it is carefully packed and sent to you on a 24-hour courier service to arrive fresh at your door the very next day.

At the height of the summer season we have around 160 different kinds of fresh organic fruit and vegetables to choose from. Here’s our very abridged A-Z of organic fruit and veg to give you a flavour of the wide variety of organic fruit and veg that you can buy from us, particularly some you might not expect.


A is for Apples

We’ve got some delicious organic Granny Smith apples right now and our range of organic apples is only going to get better over the next 3 months as we get closer to the UK apple harvesting time. Buy now







B is for Bananas

Nature’s nutritional battery, packed full of potassium and in our case organic too. We have these all year round so there’s no reason to go without your ‘nanas. Try opening them from the other end, you might find it easier. Buy now







F is for Fennel...

and fibre (dietary), which is abundant in fennel. Rather unexpectedly it is also a great source of Vitamin C and calcium. This member of the carrot family is also another prime provider of potassium. Buy now









G is for Globe Artichoke

Who knew you could get these in organic?! We did, and now you do too. Prepare by steaming and enjoy dipping the succulent fleshy part of the petals into hollandaise sauce. Very good eating for a member of the thistle family. Buy now







R is for Rhubarb

Rhubarb is not native to the UK and actually originates from China, so think of it now as something more exotic. It is thought to have come to us via the Silk Road. Another mineral mine and full of Vitamin C, K and B, and another very good provider of dietary fibre, so good for heart health too. Buy now







Z is for Zucchini (aka Courgette)

We’ve used a name for this veg thought to be more commonly used in America, but it wouldn’t have been an A-Z without it. You can actually shred and lightly steam courgette and eat it like pasta as a lower carb alternative. Buy now






This shortlist does not do justice to the cornucopia of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that we can provide you with, so why not check out the full range at

Don’t forget we’re still offering free delivery for all orders over £49, making it even easier to you to stock up weekly with fresh organic fruit and veg.

Of course if you live in or around Edinburgh, you can see for yourself in either of our city centre shops the abundant variety of fresh organic fruit and veg we have to offer, and much much more. If there’s anything you cannot find or would like to know more about, speak to one of our friendly staff, whether you are a shop customer or perusing our website.

We love organic fruit and veg and we think you will too.