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A vegetarian guide to brilliant barbecues

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A step by step guide to having a vegetarian barbecue, with recipes for grilling, side dishes and how to make the perfect summer drinks. We recommend some of our top summer sellers and cool new products for you to impress all your non meat eating friends. Now all you need is some sun!




  1. Clean the grill thoroughly before use. If you're a vegetarian and somebody in your household eats meat, use foil to cover the grill. Even if you don't mind grilling your veggies on a grill used to prepare meat, one of your vegetarian friends might object!

  2. Prepare a variety of side items. Mix the conventional barbecue accompaniments like coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad with more uncommon dishes like coriander, lime & BBQ tofu or sweet potato, fennel and feta parcels.

  3. Get a grilling basket for cooking chopped vegetables on the grill. Large vegetables like aubergine and corn can cook directly on the foil. Marinate veggies before grilling and brush with additional marinade or olive oil while cooking. Try sweetcorn with smoked paprika butter. You can't have a proper vegetarian barbecue without a plethora of grilled vegetables!

  4. Offer a variety of entrée items for your guests. Choices for vegetarian barbecue items include vegetable and tofu kebabs or barbecued tofu. Many people want a barbecue to have burgers and hot dogs, so don't forget to try some Portobello mushroom burger or falafel and halloumi burgers.

  5. Give your guests healthy drink alternatives. In addition to wine, beer or cider, set up a smoothie bar complete with juices, fresh or frozen fruit, yoghurt and a blender. Place some recipes at the bar and allow your guests to mix their own concoctions. Or try the latest buzz product, coconut water; perfect for rehydrating on a hot day.

  6. Try making dairy free chocolate and walnut ice cream or fruit sorbet as a healthier option for dessert.  Mango and raspberry are very refreshing on a hot summer's day.

  7. Enjoy!