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Christmas Baking around Europe

If you’ve ever wanted to include something different to your usual, traditional Christmas dishes you don’t need to travel around the world to do it – now you can be inspired without even leaving your kitchen!  There are great recipes to discover, but if the feeling of organising a completely different Christmas seems a little too overwhelming, you can just try some of our favourite baking specials without turning your Christmas entire plan upside-down. Ready for a trip?

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How Do I Cook Amaranth

Amaranth is an ancient plant, around 8,000 years old, and was once a staple of the Aztec and Inca diet. Amaranth seeds, used as a grain, are gluten-free and a good source of protein, fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin C.  They have a mild, nutty flavour. 

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Christmas Baking

A guide to all the Christmas Baking recipes, ideas and tricks. 

From starting your Christmas Pudding early, to making desserts that can be stored in advance, we've got some great gift ideas and suggestions to make the festive period a joyous one.

Have a look at the Stollen recipe from Pam Reichhartinger-Lawlor, who writes the blog thebreadshebakes, or our best tips for a tasty Christmas cake.

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How to find natural sugar alternatives

Most of the synthetic sugars are difficult for the body to process and eliminate, so they often get stored as fat. Natural sugar alternatives include: agave nectar, brown rice syrup, local honey, maple syrup, stevia and xylitol. 

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