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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

Search Tips

Quick Tip

Use inverted commas: "Green tea" typed in inverted commas will only search for an exact match for "green tea".

Is the search function case sensitive?

No, the search function is not case sensitive. Searching for "GREEN TEA" or "green tea" would produce the same results.

What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Search?

Basic Search limits you to searching for all instances of your keywords, phrases and search terms.

In Advanced Search you can define the brand you would like to search for. You can also apply filters such as organic and gluten-free to narrow your search.

I am not getting many results when I search

If you are not getting enough search results, first check whether you have any pre-defined search criteria in Advanced Search.

You could also try reducing the number of keywords you have searched on.

Check for spelling errors or variant spellings, especially with brand names. Consider plural spellings of words.

Use UK rather than American English when searching, for example, "colour" rather than "color".

I get thousands of results when I search

You can narrow your search by using filters or by being more specific in the words and terms you use. You can do this by using the Advanced Search features.

Using inverted commas will return precise phrases – for example, entering "green tea" into the search box will return only items with the exact phrase green tea associated with it.

Searching in different languages

At present, the database is available in International English and does not recognise American English spellings. For example, searching for "color" will not give results for "colour".