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Hot'n spicy sweet potatoes

Tantalise your buds with these hot and spicy sweet potatoes

Posted by: kim




30 - 60 mins

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You will need

2 large sweet potatoes [about 500g (1lb 4oz) each] More products
4 tbsp olive oil More products
2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves, plus 2 sprigs of fresh thyme More products
1 red scotch bonnet chilli, seeded and finely chopped OR
red chilli peppers, finely chopped, to taste More products

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  • Peel the sweet potatoes and cut crossways into slices 2.5cm thick.
  • Lay each potato on a large sheet of foil, keeping the slices together.
  • Drizzle each potato with the olive oil, sprinkle with the thyme leaves, about half of the chopped chilli and season with plenty of salt and pepper.
  • With your hands, massage the flavourings into each slice and then replace the slices in their original positions.
  • Lay a thyme sprig across the top of each potato and sprinkle with the remaining chilli.
  • Wrap the foil securely round the potatoes to make two parcels. (You can prepare to this stage up to 24 hours ahead of cooking time.)
  • Put the foil parcels on the rack over the hottest part of the barbecue and cook for 45 minutes until the potatoes are buttery and softened. (Test with the point of a knife to check if they're ready).

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Shopping List

Sweet Potato ORGANIC
Real Foods
Olive Oil Italy ORGANIC
Suma (500ml)
Fresh Thyme UK ORGANIC
Real Foods (1bunch)
Chilli Pepper ORGANIC
Real Foods